This page has been updated as of Harvest of Peace 2012.
The new list of projects is now on the Resource Group page.
Below is a list of the projects that were in development at the end of 2011 in the Longmont Shambhala community, followed by a description of each. Many of these have been achieved, but more work still remains.
Stayed tuned for updates about our progress.
All are welcome to pitch in to accomplish these goals.
Please contact Eric Meyer at 720.352.6663 or use the email below for more information.

Practice and Education
Health and Well-Being
Outreach (added in 2012)

dragonThis function has now been assumed by the Leadership Council that now oversees the activities of the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group
In our formation, here was our aspiration:
The Longmont Shambhala Delek will become a Shambhala Meditation Group, part of the Shambhala International mandala, by Shambhala Day, 2012. As such, we will adhere to the Shambhala governance structure, which consists of a Shambhala Meditation Group Coordinator and a council, as well as to continue to be financially sustainable.
Practice and Education:
garudaTo provide resources and opportunities for practice, study, and discussion of the rich universe of Shambhala teachings, both within the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG) and the larger community.
In addition to our weekly sitting and monthly nyinthuns, we will:
Produce a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which will be available to the public.
Provide meditation instruction to the group
Encourage each member of the community to have a meditation instructor.
Present various forms of Shambhala Culture to the community.
Coordinate monthly themes for focused discussions at Thursday sittings.
Choose someone to be a liason with the Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center practice and
Offer Beginning to Meditate classes to the public.
Provide a Rigden shrine for our practice events.
Provide training in Shambhala Leadership.
Provide group Werma practice.
Train for volunteer meditation hall positions.
Health and Well-Being:
lionTo foster, encourage, nurture and support physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being within the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG), and to extend this into the larger community.
We will:
Produce a human resource guide to share helpful resources in our member group and in the community
Create a network of resources/responders, including first responders for Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG) members needing Provide a care team as needed.
Be attuned to and respond to members' needs.
Promote wellness within our community.
Offer classes related to wellness.
Coordinate with the Health and Well-Being person at the Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center
Use group practice time to let participants know about health and well-being resources.
Share healthful activities within the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG), such as hiking, cooking, gardening, etc.)
tigerTo foster and improve communication to support the community, and the vision of the Great Eastern Sun; to reach the greatest number most effectively within the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG) and the larger community.
We will:
Produce a directory.
Provide a regular schedule of events.
Produce a website offering information about our Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG) and acting as a repository for official Shambhala website. (This work spans focus groups.)
Provide publicity and outreach to the Longmont community.
Use the directory to communicate with members using the members' preferred mode
Provide training in interpersonal communication.
Provide event coordinators (this should be done by the leadership).
Communicate with members about events, news, schedules, resources, members lives/needs,
Evaluate different modes of communication, and their effectiveness
Explore good communication methods of other groups.
Keep our communications flexible and adaptable because they will be forever changing.
Target some communications to specific groups, such as students, seniors, teens, Boy Scouts,etc.
Summary: Our goal is to complete this action plan by Shambhala Day 2012.
Our work with this document is to prioritize the actions, and select those actions which we wish to complete by Shambhala Day, 2012, and leave the other actions in an appendix for later implementation. Part of the action plan to be completed by Shambhala Day will be the production of the resource guides, requiring a survey of interested parties.
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