Practice and Education
Health and Well-Being

"The history and legend of Shambhala is based upon a great community that was able to reach a higher level of consciousness...
   This community could occur because its individual members participated fully in creating a culture of
kindness, generosity, and courage.
- Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Since the early days of the development of the Longmont Group, back when it was a Delek, (read our history here) there has been the aspiration of grow and flourish, and a list of projects to achieve those goals.
Much has been accomplished (see some previous lists here) but much more remains to be done.
We invite you to join in any of the activities described below.
Many of the meeting are listed in the calendar and/or you can use this email address for more information:

dragonThis function has now been assumed by the Leadership Council that now oversees the activities of the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group.
Council meetings are open and interested Shambalians are encouraged to attend
Practice and Education:
garudaTo provide resources and opportunities for practice, study, and discussion of the rich universe of Shambhala teachings, both within the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG) and the larger community.
In addition to our weekly sitting and monthly nyinthuns, we will:
Provide meditation instruction for individuals and groups
Encourage each member of the community to have a meditation instructor.
Offer Beginning to Meditate classes to the public.
Provide a Rigden shrine for our practice events.
Provide group Werma practice.
Train for volunteer meditation hall positions.
Assign MIs to individuals.
Have a shrinemaster position for upkeep of shrine and supplies.
Introduce chanting as appropriate.
Provide teachers for talks in other venues, e.g., the library, Senior Center, etc.
We have:
Produced a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which will be available to the public. Chosen someone to be a liaison with the Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center practice and study (Roland Cohen).
Health and Well-Being:
lion Our Mission:
To foster social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and environmental well-being within the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG) and to extend this caring into the greater Longmont community and beyond.
To provide a warm welcome to all who take part in LSMG practice sessions and activities.
To promote sensitivity to all aspects of diversity in our culture and to our environment.

Services and Activities:
Community Support - HWBG coordinates volunteers who are available to support community members during times of crisis. When help is needed community members may ask HWBG for assistance with transportation, errands, meal prep, laundry, pet care or other tasks. Other types of support include providing companionship or practicing with those who have limited mobility or social contact.
Classes Related to Health and Wellness - To see the schedule of upcoming classes, Click here for Calendar of Events.
Seasonal Celebrations, Special Events - HWBG organizes celebrations for seasonal events such as Shambhala Day(Tibetan New Year), Harvest of Peace (Fall Equinox) and the summer and winter solstices. HWBG also coordinates other special events for LSMG. (See Calendar of Events.)
Community Building Activities - HWBG sponsors various activities which are healthy and fun such as movie nights, nature walks in local parks, potluck meals, and field trips like the Stupendous Stupa Tour which was canceled due to the High Park fire but will be rescheduled this fall. (Click here to view some of these activities on our Facebook pages).
Ongoing Goals and Commitments - HWBG works to ensure an open and welcoming environment at all LSMG events. We strive to be attuned to and respond to members' needs and requests. We endeavor to be aware of and sensitive to all aspects of diversity.
Future Goals - Create and maintain a Community Resource Directory for sharing information and helping our community connect to needed agencies.
tigerOur Mission is Two-Fold:
We provide up to date information to support, promote and publicize the activities of the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group.
We foster communication with the regional, national and international Shambhala organization.
CRG Activities
Maintain the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG) database
Provide a regular schedule of events both online and at LSMG events at The Meditation Place
Maintain a website offering information about LSMG
Maintain a Facebook page documenting the growth of LSMG
Provide publicity as needed
Communicate with members about events, news, schedules and resources, etc.
Evaluate different modes of publicity and their effectiveness
Keep our communications flexible and adaptable because they will be forever changing.
To foster, monitor and maintain the financial health of the LSMG, now a 501c3 non-profit.
Activities include: creating budgets, monitoring donations and attendance at event and fundraising
wake up
This Resource Group is in development and in need of leadership.
It's mission is to:
Provide publicity and outreach to the Longmont community and coordinate with like-minded groups in Longmont.
Some of its other activities include:
Provide training in interpersonal communication.
Target some communications to specific groups, such as students, seniors, teens, Boy Scouts, etc.
Contact us: