Welcome to the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group Members Page
This page is for those who wish to become more active in the Longmont community.
Learn about the evolution of meditation in the Shambhala tradition in Longmont at this link.

We Shambhalians who live in Longmont identify strongly with the burgeoning community here and think of the Longmont Group as our home.
Well, technically since we do not have membership dues, it is hard to think of us as "members," however, the Longmont Group is growing by leaps and bounds.
You can designate Longmont as your home group with Shambhala International.
These are some of the talks that were given by senior teachers on Thursday nights at our regular gathering at The Meditation Place.
Check back for future entries.
Carol Halpern - Shambhala Culture - 20Mar2014
Walter Taylor - An Evening With Shantideva - 03Apr2014
Janet Solyntjes - To Know What is Sufficient - 10Apr2014
Roland Cohen - Pain Is Not A Punishment - 01May2014
Roland Cohen - Intro to Contemplative Meditation Practice - 29May2014
Walter Taylor - Generosity - 05Jun2014
Roland Cohen - The Path is the Goal - 03Jul2014
Eric Meyer - The Five Skandhas - 10Jul2014
Eric Meyer - The Mystery of Enlightenment - 04Dec2014
Roland Cohen - What Is The Path - 11Dec2014
Pete Aucott - The Experience and Expression of Sitting Practice - 08Jan2015
Mary Kubicki - Working with Negativity - 03Feb2015
Roland Cohen - Contemplations on Sacred Action - 10Feb2015
Walter Taylor - Cheer Yourself Up - 05Mar2015
Barbara Smith - The Four Foundations of Mindfulness - 12Mar2015
Eric Meyer - Confidence and Fear - 07May2015
Sherab Manoukian - Meditation Basics - 14May2015
Charley Rossicky - Kindness to oneself - 11Jun2015
Melissa Robinson - Kindness - 09July2015
Uploaded March 2016
Elaine Yuen - Art in Everyday Life - 06Aug2015
Walter Taylor - Ambition - 13Aug2015
Barbara Smith - Working with Negativity on the Path - 03Sep2015
Bill Lyford - Meditation and Now - 08Oct2015
Melissa Robinson - 4 Foundations of Mindfulness (Guided Meditation) -12Nov2015
Melissa Robinson - 4 Foundations Part 2 - 12Nov2015
Melissa Robinson - 4 Foundations Part 3 - 12Nov2015
George Ramsey - Intention - 21Jan2016
Walter Taylor - Joy - 04Feb2016
Melissa Robinson - Lineage - 18Feb2016
Uploaded October 2016
Barbara Smith - Reflecting on the Practice of Meditation - 05May2016
Roland Cohen - Why Cant I Meditate - 12May2016
Bill Lyford - Impermanence and Appreciation - 09June2016
Suzan Fleck ad Garth Reynolds - Qi Gong and Healing Practices - 12Aug2016
Margo Iseman - Sitting Posture and the Four Elements - 11Aug2016
Melissa Robinson - Book Review - Stars at Dawn - 29Sep2016
Melissa Robinson -The Feminine Principle - 06Oct2016
Uploaded September 2017
Barbara Smith - Shambhala Art - November 2016   mp3 wma
Eric Meyer - Joy - June 2017   mp3 wma
George Ramsey - Climate Change - January 2017   mp3 wma
George Ramsey - Maitri - May 2017   mp3 wma
Melissa Robinson - What is Shambhala - February 2017   mp3 wma
Roland Cohen - Deconstructing What's Important - December 2016   mp3 wma
Roland Cohen - Decorum in Shambhala - February 2017   mp3 wma
Steve Seeley - Basic Goodness - 17Aug2017   mp3 wma
Steve Seeley - Relating to Shamatha and Vipassyana - May 2017   mp3 wma
Walter Taylor - Meditation in Ordinary Life - April 2017   mp3 wma
Walter Taylor - Open discussion on recent events - November 2016   mp3 wma
NEW!Uploaded September 2019
Roland Cohen -The Four Immeasurables Intro- September 2019
William Lyford-The Four Immeasurables Loving Kindness
Steve Seely -The Four Immeasurables On Compassion
Eric Meyers -The Four Immeasurables On Sympathetic Joy
Melissa Robinson -Equanimity
Rose Sposito - meditation and focusing Nov 2019
Aiding Volunteers Needed
Help is needed for our regularly scheduled Thursday night practice and other events.
Positions available include umze, gatekeeper, etc.
Please speak with Trudy Lyford.
Meditation Instruction
Ongoing individual meditation instruction is encouraged for everyone cultivating a regular meditation practice.
To be put in contact with a Meditation Instructor (MI), or if you would like to be a MI here in Longmont, please speak with any of the Gatekeeper or use the email address below.
Open Council Meetings
We have an active Leadership Council which meets regularly and is open to any interested Shambhalians.
The meetings are listed on the calendar.
Resource Groups
Shambhalians are encouraged to become involved in one of our Resource Groups.
Whether you are interested in Practice and Education, Health and Well-Being, Outreach, Communications or Finances, there are multiple opportunities to be of service.
Please click here to access our Projects page and see what our plans are for the future.
Support Our Sangha!
The Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group is now a (501c3) non-profit organization.
Please support our burgeoning community.
Donations, including recurring donations, can be made via PayPal on the Home page.
Donations are also accepted at any of our regular sittings and events, or can be sent to:
Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group
c/o Lyford
1104 Holly Ave.
Longmont Co 80501

Receipts can be provided for tax purposes
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Our Mission Statement:
The Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group aspires to create a more harmonious and sane society and a culture of kindness, generosity, and courage. We invite all people to connect with their inherent wisdom and compassion through meditation practice, the study of the Shambhala teachings, and service to the community.