Welcome to the website for the Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group.
The Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group (LSMG) is a small group of meditators which currently meets on Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month from 7-9 PM. We are practitioners of the Kagyu/Nyingma schools of Tibetan Buddhism and also part of the Shambhala tradition. You are welcome to join us whether or not you are already familiar with those schools and traditions.

Contact information:
For the security of our participants, we are not posting the Zoom links on our website. To contact us, please send email to longmontshambhala@gmail.com.

Because of our small size, we are currently not in a position to offer meditation instruction to new meditators. If you are new to meditation, or new to the world of Shambhala, we suggest you begin by connecting with the Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center at this link. The Boulder Shambhala Center is a rich resource with lots of support for new people.

For general information about Shambhala, look at the Frequently Asked Questions at this page
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For information about the overall worldwide Shambhala community, look at this link.  
The Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group is a place for people to practice meditation together, to get exposed to diverse teachings from the world of Shambhala, and to discuss them together. Sometimes we have guest teachers present the talks, sometimes our own members give talks, sometimes we watch a video together, and sometimes we simply sit. It's a great group of people with a diversity of perspectives, and we always welcome new people coming to enrich our discussions.

    If you have questions or need help, please email:
    First and Third Thursday of the Month Evenings 7 - 9 pm. Sitting, usually a talk, and then a discussion.
What to Expect
Thursday Nights
We meet on the first and third Thursday evening of each month from 7-9 pm.

We typically meditate from about 7 to 7:30, which includes a period of Tonglen practice. Tonglen is a particular practice for opening your heart, becoming willing to explore taking on the suffering of others and giving up any ownership of your own well-being. If you're not familiar with tonglen, that's not a problem - you can just stay with your regular meditation until you get a chance to get instructions in tonglen. If there is a Thursday night talk happening, that usually goes from about 7:30 to 8:00 or 8:15. After that there's time for discussion, which sometimes gets lively. We always honor and respect everyone's opinion, whether or not we agree with it.


  • July 18 - Sitting, Video, and Discussion

  • This week, we will continue watching and discussing Khandro Rinpoche's commentary on Nagarjuna's "Letter to a Friend". Nagarjuna was a great teacher from centuries ago, and Khandro Rinpoche is a brilliant teacher from our own times. She is always amazing, combining a wonderful open heart with a penetrating intelligence. It is okay to come if you missed the earlier weeks we were discussing it.  
    As usual, we will begin with about half an hour of sitting and tonglen practice before starting the video around 7:30.  

    Use this link to the Members Page to listen to some of the talks that were given by senior teachers on Thursday nights at our regular gathering at The Meditation Place. Enjoy them for the first time -- or hear them again!


    For all general questions, contact us:

    Our Mission Statement: The Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group aspires to create a more harmonious and sane society and a culture of kindness, generosity, and courage. We invite all people to connect with their inherent wisdom and compassion through meditation practice, the study of the Shambhala teachings, and service to the community.
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