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Please join us - Everyone welcome.
    Weekly Thursday Evenings 7 - 9 pm (includes Tea)
    First Saturday of every month 9 am - 12 noon
LOCATION For Thursday Night Events
The Meditation Place
324 Main Street, Longmont, CO (East alley entrance, parking directly East of our door)
What to Expect
Thursday Nights
Thursday evening is from 7-9 pm. Meditation instruction is available for newcomers at 7:00 pm. The evening always includes sitting and walking meditation. Some Thursdays practice is followed at 7:55 pm by a talk. Sometimes there is a reading and discussion instead. The third Thursday of the month is an extended practice of walking and sititing meditation until 8:30 pm, followed by tea and socializing.
Five Week Drop-in Study and Practice
fourThursdays September 12 – Oct 10.
Includes meditation, talks and discussion.
The topic for this series of talks is The Four Immeasurables:
How we develop compassion through the practice of wishing happiness, showing compassion, acknowledging joy
and discovering equanimity in ourselves and others.
Taught by senior teachers in the Shambhala/Buddhist tradition.
The five classes are as follows:
Thursday, Sept. 12 – Bodhicitta (Awakened Heart) – the ground of developing compassion - taught by Roland Cohen
Thursday, Sept. 19 – Loving Kindness - taught by Bill Lyford
Thursday, Sept. 26 - Compassion - taught by Steve Seely
Thursday, Oct. 3 – Sympathetic Joy – rejoicing at others’ happiness- taught by Eric Meyer
Thursday, Oct. 10 - Equanimity - taught by Melissa Robinson
There is no fee but we do appreciate donations toward a teacher gift and our tea offering.
Check back for upcoming Thursday Talks with Senior Shambhala Teachers
Saturday Morning Nyinthun
Saturday morning sessions are now from 10 am until 12 noon
These are sitting and walking meditation practice intensives.
Included is the maitra bhavana practice - a compassion practice for others who are seriously ill or distressed.
Next Date = Saturday October 5th
For any session, if you would like to arrive late or leave early, you are entirely welcome. There is no expectation people have to stay for the entire practice
AUDIO LIBRARY (Updated September 2017)
Use this link to the Members Page to listen to some of the talks that were given by senior teachers on Thursday nights at our regular gathering at The Meditation Place. Enjoy them for the first time -- or hear them again!
Interested in learning how to meditate?
One way to start is to view this online video:
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Harvest of Peace/Autumn Equinox Holiday!
Rabbit Mountain Open Space Picnic Area
Friday, September 20th
5 to 8 PM
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Has finished for the moment.
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An Open Series of Monthly Forums
When: Third Saturday of the month.
Next Gathering: September 21
2pm to 3:30pm
Location: The Meditation Place
Discussion topic: Our current book club selection Advice for Future Corpses.
We will be discussing the 3rd and 4th Appendices on Organ Donation and Assisted Death and wrapping up our thoughts on this book.
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Donations are not required but are appreciated.
This group is open to anyone who has a meditation practice and is interested in the topic of Death and Dying...
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Our Mission Statement: The Longmont Shambhala Meditation Group aspires to create a more harmonious and sane society and a culture of kindness, generosity, and courage. We invite all people to connect with their inherent wisdom and compassion through meditation practice, the study of the Shambhala teachings, and service to the community.

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